EVOLVE (Evaluation of Online Learning and Virtual Efficacy) is both an evaluation tool and a research-based growth platform that supports the healthy evolution of virtual schools and blended learning programs.

EVOLVE utilizes a tiered-evaluation process to support continuous improvement within any virtual learning environment, providing critical feedback in the areas of academics, operational systems, personalization of student learning and the governance of virtual learning platforms.


EVOLVE can be utilized in one of three ways:


EVOLVE allows virtual schools and blended learning programs to think critically about themselves.


An external peer-review team utilizes EVOLVE to provide virtual schools and blended learning programs with a comprehensive evaluation report.


A peer coach works collaboratively with EVOLVE users to develop and implement a continuous improvement plan.


Unlike other program evaluation models that focus exclusively on lagging measures of academic success, EVOLVEā€™s conceptual framework examines leading measures of performance within FOUR interrelated constructs.


Evaluates the academic quality of curriculum and instruction provided to students.


Evaluates the governance structures and policies required to ensure a safe and effective online learning environment.


Evaluates the quality of systems and infrastructure required to support students in an online learning environment.


Evaluates the extent to which the online learning environment meets the individualized needs of each learner.


Dr. Brad Oliver

EVOLVE Co-Developer

Brad Oliver has spent over 25 years in education as a teacher, school administrator, former Dean of the School of Educational Leadership at Indiana Wesleyan University, and is a past member of the Indiana State Board of Education. Brad currently serves as Director of Collaborative Solutions at The Summit.

Lynn Black

EVOLVE Co-Developer

Lynn Black has spent his entire career in K-12 education and is the former Head of School for K12s Indiana hybrid and virtual schools known as Hoosier Academy. Lynn currently serves as President of Lynn Black Education Solutions, LLC, helping schools transformation from the Inside Out.


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